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Wedding planning can be overwhelming. This simple guide can help you find a way to enjoy the months leading up to your Big Day.

Firstly, to make sure you have the best day ever; let go of all that you’ve seen and read, and plan a day that is truly, authentically YOU.

The most successful wedding planning happens when couples have the conviction to follow their hearts; and not be a total slave to wedding trends.

That doesn’t mean you have to be style-less; but have the courage to go with what you like and not what you THINK you should like.



We’ve all done it haven’t we…we’ve spotted a look for our home; or a new hairstyle that looked fabulous on the pages of a glossy mag; but when translated into our day to day living looked and felt ridiculous.

I’m not saying don’t be courageous; but be true to who you are.


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That noise you just heard will be your wallet sighing with relief – for the most authentic weddings are not necessarily the grandest.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some luxuries – you certainly deserve them.

However, finding a balance between those treats you want to spoil yourself with; and the joy that can come from taking a more hands-on, DIY approach too, can make all the difference to your enjoyment of the process.

Now, admittedly we’re not all knitters, bakers and dress-makers (!) but there probably are some things we can enjoy getting involved in; such as making own invites or table decorations.



The chance to stamp your own personality onto things; and have something that no-other wedding couple on the planet will have is priceless. 

Your guests will love it too.

Maybe you have super creative, clever friends, who are dying to pitch in and help. Great!

Having your nearest and dearest involved in the wedding planning during the run up to your Big Day can be great fun.

Plus, getting covered in glue and glitter whilst sharing a bottle of wine and pizza is a great bonding experience. Literally!

Remember ‘handmade’ and ‘homemade’ can add a unique sense of charm to your big day.

Elements of the day that have a backstory helped to add depth to the occasion and make it hugely personal. (“Oh, my friend Emma made the bunting” or “John’s Granny baked the cakes”- that sort of thing is wedding-gold!)


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Get organised!

One way to combat pre-wedding stress is to have a plan. As the months start ticking down pull together a wedding planning ‘to-do’ list, allocate tasks, and keep a track on progress. This will help you relax and enjoy the process.

The website One Fab Day has a really useful checklist which breaks tasks into groups; with suggested deadlines:

Don’t forget though; simple is good. So, try not to overcomplicate your special day.





Here for all brides and grooms is one GIANT disclaimer. Getting comfortable with this will really help to reduce your stress-levels too.

Despite all your preparation, and all your hard work, not everything will go to plan.  BUT, that’s okay.

Getting married is a journey, not a destination, and the months leading up to it are all part of the adventure, too. And, often the most memorable moments of your big day are the ones that weren’t planned.


Amidst all your wedding planning, don’t forget to think about the ceremony itself.

It can be so easy to get caught up in what shoes you’re going to wear and how many button holes you should order. Or whether you should have the chocolate cake or the fruit cake (or both) that you forget to think about what you’re actually going to say to one another.

If you’re working with a wedding Celebrant, then they will steer you through the planning of the ceremony itself, and can work with you to make sure the ceremony is spot-on.

A Celebrant can help you write your vows, selecting suitable readings and find ways to involve family and friends within the ceremony. Most Celebrants are also happy to include symbolic rituals such as a hand-fasting, if that’s something you and your partner are interested in.


Take the time to choose a Celebrant that you feel can honour your wishes for the ceremony.

They will be an integral part of your wedding day, so speak to them by phone or meet them in person before you book.

Remember that a Celebrant is not able to legally marry you here in England; so, you will need to arrange a separate visit to registry office to satisfy the legalities of your marriage.

Most couples that I work with book this for a day or two beforehand, so that when it comes to their wedding day they are actually already married.

A useful guide about marriages and civil partnerships in the UK can be found at

If you’re unsure whether using a Celebrant is the right option for you go to to find out more.

Do feel free to give me a call or drop me a line too, if you have any questions:

07780 708864

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