What exactly is a handfasting anyway?!

Originally a handfasting was a temporary engagement period binding two people together (not literally I might add!) for a year and a day. After which the couple could decide whether to enter permanently into marriage, or not. Later, during Tudor times, the handfasting came to constitute the entire legal wedding ceremony, rather than a temporary…

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Did you say ‘yes’ on Valentine’s Day?

Recently engaged? Then read on and find out how working with a Wedding Celebrant can make your wedding dreams come true.   According to ChilliSauce.com’s 2016 Marriage Proposal Survey, Valentine’s Day is the 4th most popular day of the year to propose. Bride Magazine thinks Valentine’s Day 2018 will have been awash with newly engaged couples…

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 Are you desperately searching for the perfect wedding reading? Then I’ll let you into a little secret…there isn’t one. ‘What?’, I hear you cry. Alas, it is true. On wedding web-sites all over the internet we are being given lists of ‘Top 10 Wedding Readings’, but you have to ask yourselves whose top 10 is…

Create a unique & personal wedding ceremony

  Create a truly personal and unique wedding ceremony? There’s nothing better than a specially-designed wedding ceremony to reflect you as a couple. To achieve something that’s both unique and personal to you, as individuals, it’s really worth talking to an experienced wedding Celebrant. A good wedding Celebrant is a bit like a fairy-godmother…you tell…

Hannah Osmond, Celebrant


As an Independent Celebrant I love all things associated with ceremony, ritual and celebration. Whether it be a wedding, a renewal of vows, a milestone birthday or a funeral, there is nothing more powerful than a coming together of friends and family to mark a particular occassion. It's a real privilege to be involved in these special moments in peoples' lives. Life is so short. Let's celebrate more!



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