Should you be using a Wedding Celebrant for your wedding ceremony?

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Have you ever wondered what the advantage is of using a Wedding Celebrant?

Well, here’s a quick guide to understanding the benefits of having a celebrant-led wedding; and how they can help you achieve the wedding ceremony you’ve always wanted.

This blog explains the differences between a celebrant wedding and marrying with a registrar, or in a church.

Now you can decide whether using a Wedding Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, is the solution you’ve been searching for.



Imagine how wonderful it would be to get married in a clearing in the woods, with the sounds of the birds singing all around you and your guests seated beneath the summer sun.

Or, think how fabulous it would be to say your vows on a hilltop with a view of the sea, in the ruins of an old castle, on a secluded bit of coastline or even in your own back garden.

Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

But, here’s the annoying bit: due to some archaic laws dreamed up almost before the dawn of time, unless you live in Scotland it isn’t actually legal to get married outdoors in the UK unless you do so under a permanent structure with a roof.

Don’t worry though because I’m about to let you into a little secret…

…thousands of couples up and down the country are still having the wedding day of their dreams by using a celebrant.




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Yes, that’s right – having a celebrant-led ceremony gives you the freedom to come together and mark the biggest day of your lives in a way that is unique to you, and your loved ones.

So, if you are wild at heart, love getting back to nature and are looking for something intimate, characteristic and charming for your wedding then an outdoor ceremony at an unlicensed venue might be just the ticket.

Using a professional wedding celebrant will provide you with the opportunity to make your ceremony the best it can be. Think soul-stirring, heart-warming and uplifting. Rustic, vintage, eco-chic and laid back-luxe.

Whatever your style you will have the perfect backdrop to create something truly magical.



A separate registry office visit is still required to legalise the wedding.

Most couples opt to do a ‘quickie’ at the registry office a day or two before. They might choose just to take a couple of witnesses with them and keep it on the down-low and view it purely as getting their paperwork in order. Others however, will see it as an opportunity to have two special occasions to look forward to instead of one!

Outdoor weddings are becoming hugely popular; with more and more people looking for something bespoke and absolutely tailored to them.


A good celebrant will spend time getting to know their couples.

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They will find out what makes them tick, what their hopes and aspirations are for their big day, and exactly how they want to celebrate their love for one another.

They can help couples create personal vows, find ways to involve family and friends in the ceremony and some celebrants also offer the opportunity to incorporate symbolic rituals such as a handfasting.

Many celebrants offer a rehearsal as part of their fee too so you have the chance to run through everything with them. This is brilliant for nipping pre-wedding nerves in the bud and helps everyone to feel relaxed so you can enjoy the day.




Since the ceremony isn’t bound by any legalities so any wordings can be used. You can also include the traditional wedding vows and contracting words etc if you want to.

It can be exactly what YOU want it to be.

The service can feel exactly like a legal wedding; but with more opportunities for embellishment, personalisation and the involvement of friends and family.




Celebrants can also deliver ceremonies indoors of course, so if you fancied having your wedding ceremony in a barn, in a beautiful Bedouin tent or even in an underground bunker this too is possible!

We are also quite handy people to know when you have booked a licensed venue, but forgot to book the registrar for the same date. (Yes, that’s happened before on several occasions!) Or, if you have fallen in love with a licensed venue, but still want the freedom that working with a Celebrant affords you.




Personally, I’m passionate about creating ceremonies that are unique and individual.

I love to mix old and new; traditional and contemporary and helping my couples celebrate in a way that feels right for them.

If you want to know anything else about working with a celebrant for weddings or any other occasions please feel free to give me a call or drop me a line, I’m always happy to offer advice.

07780 708864

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