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How to have beautiful wedding photography – whatever the weather…

Professional photo of a wedding couple kissing in the rain.

Gemma Chase Wedding and Portrait Photography

As a wedding celebrant I often deliver outdoor wedding ceremonies. And sometimes the sun just doesn’t turn up on time.

It’s never an issue for me; though I appreciate that most of my couples are hoping for a dry day at least.

Whilst the ceremony can go ahead whatever the weather, I’ve always been intrigued about how rain might impact the wedding photography.

So, I have invited professional wedding photographer, Gemma Chase, to share her thoughts and advice on this topic.

Gemma has kindly included some of her stunning images in this blog; and here’s what she has to say:

The weather is always a hot topic of conversation for couples in the run up to their big day.

During my first meeting with a couple, we talk about their plans so far for their wedding. I want to know what they are most excited about and any wedding worries they may have.  The number one worry that gets mentioned time and time again, is the thought of rain ruining their day; and ultimately the photographs.

This point in the conversation tends to come after they have already looked through some of my wedding albums, and I always draw their attention to two in particular.

On one wedding it rained so much I had to change shoes, but you cannot tell that looking at the photos.

In fact, without me telling them, most couples have no idea that these weddings were on rainy days.  What they see are a couple in love, amidst family and friends with beaming smiles and lots of laughter; all having a great time.

Gemma Chase Wedding and Portrait Photography

When we imagine wet weddings, it is often thoughts of frizzy hair, running make up, soggy clothes and fed up guests that has us worried.

The reality is usually quite different.





Firstly, if you have booked an experienced wedding photographer, you can be confident they will already know what to do in wet weather as they undoubtedly experienced it before.

Wedding photography, alternative weddings, wedding photographer, wedding celebrant, wedding ceremony

Gemma Chase Wedding and Portrait Photography

Whilst my emphasis is on capturing natural moments and the story as it unfolds, I do like to be prepared.  Using timeline of the days key moments and locations, whilst keeping an eye on the weather, means I can see ahead of time if it is possible to move couple portraits and group photos to a dryer part of the day or find an alternative indoor location.

I’m a pretty upbeat person and I often look for what photographer’s call “gifts,” that I can use to make your photos that bit more amazing.

Rainy days come with plenty of gifts.




Far from grumpy guests, rain often takes the heat out of the day, meaning people are not sticky and sweltering in the heat nor squinting blearily at each other.

The light of an overcast day is always softer, flattering everyone so not only do you look great, but your guests do to, making everyone love your photos even more.

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Gemma Chase Wedding and Portrait Photography

I also find that the threat or impending rain is the only thing outside of imminent food arrival, that speeds people up for group shots.  There are plenty of other gifts too.  Overcast skies can give you the perfect dramatic backdrop to your portraits. Plus, wet weather makes it all the more inviting to snuggle in close, adding to the romance of the moment.

I’m always an advocate of spare shoes for the bride, but if you think there is a risk of rain ahead of time, it’s a great reason to buy some amazing wellies and even umbrellas to match your theme.

If you are happy to embrace the rain, these can make for some fun moments during the day, some super cute shots and a fantastic story to tell long after your wedding day.

It very rarely rains for the whole day and you can usually work around it if you truly want to avoid the wet.  For those that don’t mind getting a little (or a lot wet) I have captured some amazing moments in the rain.

Wedding couple in the rain, professional wedding photographer, alternative weddings, outdoor wedding

Gemma Chase Wedding and Portrait Photography

To let you in on a little secret, I often hope for a little rain at night, as those tiny droplets when backlit, look like a million stars have come out just for you.

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