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 Are you desperately searching for the perfect wedding reading? Then I’ll let you into a little secret…there isn’t one. ‘What?’, I hear you cry. Alas, it is true. On wedding web-sites all over the internet we are being given lists of ‘Top 10 Wedding Readings’, but you have to ask yourselves whose top 10 is…

Create a unique & personal wedding ceremony

  Create a truly personal and unique wedding ceremony? There’s nothing better than a specially-designed wedding ceremony to reflect you as a couple. To achieve something that’s both unique and personal to you, as individuals, it’s really worth talking to an experienced wedding Celebrant. A good wedding Celebrant is a bit like a fairy-godmother…you tell…

Hannah Osmond, Celebrant


As an Independent Celebrant I love all things associated with ceremony, ritual and celebration. Whether it be a wedding, a renewl of vows, a milestone birtday or a funeral, there is nothing more powerful than a coming together of friends and family to mark a particular occassion. It's a real privilege to be involved in these special moments in peoples' lives. Life is so short. Let's celebrate more!



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